Did you ever go to Maid Café in Japan?

Maid Café is one of fantastic subculture in Japan. Waitresses in Maid café are all costumed as Maids.

They will treat all customers as “Masters” to acting as a Maid in the café.

Someone who never been to Maid Café may have this kind of stereotype that only “Otaku” will go to maid café.

(Otaku means people with obsessive interest in Comics and Animations etc.) 

And they may think that it will be embarrassed to visiting Maid Café in Japan.

Are you curious how was the Maid Café like actually?

On 7th July, we have invited 7 members from our JP Smart Club to visiting Maid café in order to know more about Maid Café culture in Japan.

This time we decided to visit Maid Café “Maideamin”.

“Maideamin” has many stores in Japan, this time we choose Shibuya shop as our first adventure to Maid Cafe.

“Maideamin” is a foreigner-friendly Maid café in Japan.

Their website have detailed introduction in English version,

and their menu also offers English version too. Foreigners don’t have to worry about any language problem for ordering.


“Masters” who come to Maid Café are required to wear the animal ears headband to maintain the atmosphere in Maid Café.

When our JP Smart Club members worn the headband and waiting for the Maids coming, they looks little bit nervous…

Fortunately, Maids are really kind and serve us with true-heart even they are not familiar in speaking English.

Our JP Smart Club members could enjoy the atmosphere, and the special drinks & delicious desserts.

Moreover, our JP Smart Club members, Jenika and Jennifer did have a good chance to make a nice shot with Kawaii maids as one of their valuable memory.

In “Maideamin”, you can take photos with Maids not as like as other Maid Cafe.

Finally we took a great group photo. Many thanks to Maideamin.

We hope our JP Smart Member have an unforgettable moment in Japan by attending this event.

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Yours Truly

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