World Cup 2018 has ended after so many surprises and intense displays of skills and feats of strength. France has won its rightful place as this year’s champion after a long 20-year drought. A total of 32 teams had attended this year’s international soccer festival, with a total of 64 matches, held at 11 different stadiums in Russia.

In celebration of this worldwide international soccer festival, from June 22 till July 15, we have held the World Cup 2018 Result Prediction Event, sending out awesome rewards to our beloved JP Smart Club members, with a special prize of up to 100,000 JP Smart Point (equivalent to 50,0000 Japanese Yen). We hope that this event will be an exciting playground for our member to express their love and enthusiasm towards the international sport of soccer, where they apply their strategic analysis skills to get the closest predictions for the match's outcome.

    As per the rules, JP Smart Points will be divided among all members who had correctly guessed the match's result from a shared point reward pool. And any lucky members who had correctly guessed the outcome of every match from the beginning will be given the special prize of 100,000 JP Smart Point.

One month since the start of our event, we have been surprised by the amount of love and support from all of our JP Smart Club members. The number of participants has reached over thousands of people. However, due to the many surprises of this year's World Cup, only 17% of the participants had made correct guesses about the match's outcome

    As the event is coming to a close, the most attractive reward – a special prize of 100,000 JP Smart Point (equivalent to 50,000 Japanese Yen) will be handed to Mr. Pascual-Charles Anthony (Yokohama) at JP Mobile’s Tokyo Office. We have been surprised by his super-duper skill in making predictions. Once again, let's congratulate Mr. Pascual and wait for his sharing on the next Article.

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We are looking forward to your participation.

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