Tokyo – the capital of Japan - is one of the most famous destinations for all international tourists around the world. This is the place where you can find a beautiful combination of both traditional and modern architectures with hundred age-old temples as well as unique skyscrapers….

Early this August, as a thank to all of our JP Smart Club members, JP Mobile has held a patron event for all of our beloved JP Smart Club members - “JP Smart Club Fanpage reaches 30,000 Likes! Celebration” event, with the special prizes of 3 free tickets to visit Tokyo Sky Tree tower.

3 lucky winners – all with different nationalities have been selected randomly within over 10,000 of our JP Smart Club members:

1. Serhi Zadorozhnyi from Ukraine  

2. Vu Trung Hieu from Viet Nam  

3. Charles A. Pascual from Philippine  

Whenever you visit Tokyo, Sky Tree tower is a must-see. Situated at the busy Sumida ward in Tokyo, the telecommunication tower Sky Tree, famous for its Guinness™ record height of 643 meters, was chosen as the destination of choice for this event. 

There are 2 observation decks: one called Tokyo Sky Tree Tembo Deck 350 meters from the ground; and the other one called Tokyo Sky Tree Tembo Kairo 450 meters from the ground

Having anticipated that the place would be crowded on weekends and there could be a long waiting line, we decided to meet up at 10 am. Thanks to all of our 3 lucky members being on time, the whole waiting process of waiting, buying tickets and getting up the tower was all smooth sailing!

Using the escalator, we reached the Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck 350 meters from the ground. The view was amazing and we were able to see the entire 360 degrees view of the city. From up here we had a lot of fun finding famous locations such as Tokyo Tower, Senso-ji in Asakusa ….

Tembo Deck is divided into 3 floors, which are Floor 340, 345 and 350. Here you can view the entire city of Tokyo from any windows with a view range radius of up to 70 km. 

Our 3 members have only been in Tokyo for a short while, so it is natural that they are not used to the Japanese langue. However, all of them were very open and excited about the architecture and beautiful view of Tokyo Sky Tree tower.

Here are photos of our members getting their commemoration stamps at the 3 special spots within the tower!

At the end of our visit, we had given our 3 lucky members a brief interview.

Mr. Vu Trung Hieu from Vietnam has been only in Japan for only 3 months and is currently attending a Japanese language school in Tokyo. He shared his thoughts: 

“Sky Tree Tower is really spectacular with its modern architecture. Thanks to the introduction of JP Smart Sim from one of my friends, I was not only given a 1000 Yen Amazon gift card, but also a chance to visit Sky Tree with you guys. Since I have been here for only a short while, my Japanese is not very fluent so I was a little shy…

Meanwhile, Mr.Serhi Zadorozhnyi from Ukraine shared the following thoughts: 

“This is my second month in Tokyo and I didn’t really have time for sightseeing. I felt really lucky having been chosen as a winner for a free trip to view the city from Sky Tree Tower. JP Smart Sim does not only provide stable and easy-to-use SIM service but also allowed me to take part in exciting events like this and it makes me really happy. Next time I hope to join events similar to the Maid Café event JP Smart SIM held last month :D ” 

And lastly, here are the thoughts of Mr.Charles A. Pascual from Philippine, who is currently being employed at a Japanese IT company:

“Even though I have been working in Tokyo for more than one year but this is my first time visiting Sky Tree Tower. The modern architecture and professional service were really amazing. When checking my email, I was surprised that I was chosen as one of the lucky winners for this month’s JP Smart Club event. Thanks to you I was able to make new friends and climb to the highest floor of Sky Tree tower for free. I hope that JP Smart SIM and JP Smart Club will hold similar events in the future, and I will gladly participate in the following events to become the next lucky winner! Thank you all! ”

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We are looking forward to your participation!


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