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It was a beautiful Saturday morning last September when we started our trip to Kamogawa Sea World – a renowned marine theme park in Japan.

4  JP Smart Club members together with 2 staffs from JP Mobile met up at Tokyo Station at 9 a.m. to get on the bus heading to Kamogawa Sea World, which is situated in Chiba Prefecture.

It was a 2-hour and a half bus ride with a bit challenging traffic but nothing seemed to affect our excitement.

Finally at 12 o’clock, we made it to Kamogawa Sea World where we were greeted with the refreshing scent and cooling breeze coming from the sea. The sensations were wonderful.

Right at the entrance of the park, there is a gigantic super-impressive statue of killer whales, which made all of us more than excited to explore what was inside. As it was noon time, so there were a lot of people at the ticket gate. Yet, as we had prepared the tickets in advance so there was no need to queue up.

When we asked 4 JP Smart Club members whether they had ever seen those sea animals before, all of them said no. For us – the 2 staffs, we had not seen those sea animals either so that was the first time experience for all of us.

After arming ourselves with the visitors’ guide, we entered the park to be more than amazed by a group of super large-sized sea turtles on the beach side. We had never been that close to a sea turtle and their sizes really took us a back. There was something so gentle, calm and wise about that creature. It probably came from the fact that in our Eastern culture, we usually associate wisdom with age and turtle is the animal that is known for its longevity.

Next, we went to an indoor auditorium for the Beluga show. The beluga is very cute. It has a white long smooth body and a face that is always smiley. In the auditorium, we watched the beluga swim and do all kinds of tricks under the command of the diver. They can avoid obstacles, blow bubble rings and make very high-pitch twitter, which entertained the kids in the audience so greatly.

After the Beluga show, we headed for the Dolphin Performance, which was no less interesting. The dolphins are very agile sea creatures. They swim fast and can make exceptionally high jump above the water.

The most interesting part of the day was the Killer Whale Show. Kamogawa Sea World is home to 4 killer whales: Lovey, Lara, Earth, and Luna. They vary in size but all cohabit very peacefully. Before the show started, we were all warned that water splashing would be a major part of the performance and most of the audience did buy a rain coat to stay dry. However, a bit fearless in our spirits, we decided not to buy the rain coat and sat very close to the tank in the hope of getting the most our of the show. And yes, we did not feel a bit of disappointment.

During the show, the four killer whales made several huge jumps splashing water all over the spectators. Those sitting at the center seats took the most of the splashing as it was where the whales were most active. We sat a bit at the rear and thought that we were safe just to finally get all wet from head to toe when one killer whale started slapping his tail at our direction. Nobody was safe and the fact that we got wet made us feel so happy and thrilled!

At about 4 in the afternoon, we decided to head back home. All 4 JP Smart Club members and 2 staff members felt the trip to Kamogawa Sea World was amazing with all the spectacular performances by sea creatures. We had great memories together and surely those memories are to be kept for life!

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