JP Smart Girl 2018 – The very first Modeling Contest organized by JP Smart Club was a major success.

    In only 2 weeks, 50 contestants had sent their entries and that number was well beyond our expectation.

    The contestants are from various countries in the world. We had contestants coming from Asian countries like Korea, Vietnam, India, countries in Africa like Nigeria, and the Europe and America. 

 The diversity pool of contestants made JP Smart Girl so much more interesting by giving it the vibe of an international beauty contest, right here in Japan.

    We divided JP Smart Girl contest into 2 rounds.

    In round 1, out of the initial 50 girls, we chose 10 girls to move to round 2. Five girls were chosen based on the number of likes their photos reached on Facebook while the other five girls were chosen by our board of members.

    In round 2, the 10 girls competed for the top 3 spots. The competition got more interesting here as the girls had to not only update their photos, but also provide a message in English and Japanese about themselves and their aspirations.

 Through the messages, we were able to learn more about the their personalities and their world view. Many of them are girls with very strong mindset. They moved to Japan by themselves to study and work, even when there is little support from family.

    After so many considerations and thoughts, we finally decided to give the First Prize – Diamond JP Smart Girl to Hoang Thach Thao – a 22 year-old girl from Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Thao is truly the definition of the it girl. She is young, pretty and smart – all the qualities that are desired in an ambassador for JP Smart SIM. The first prize was a 50,000 Yen modeling contract and Thao already has already done a shooting session with us in Tokyo.

    Let’s check our her photos below!

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