Summer time – Vacation time

Summer is no doubt the time of the year when things become exuberant with such outburst of energy. The sun rises early radiating that majestic light of liveliness that makes us all want to jump right into action.

Summer in Japan is no different. It’s the time when people travel, festivals are organized, beaches get crowed and of course tanned skin turns prevalent. In memories of the last summer, we at JP Smart Club organized the Summer Memories Photo Contest where users can upload photos of their summer activities. It can be anything ranging from a table filled with mouth-watering sea food, a scenic view of summer mountain, to the vivacious crowd at a summer festival.

In the period of 2 weeks, we received almost 40 entries which documented the highlights of the users’ summer experience. 

Based on the number of likes on Facebook, the top 3 prizes go to the following users:

    1. First Prize – 10,000 YEN Amazon Gift Card

Bio Aileen from the Philippines with 1166 Likes

See her photos here:

    2. Second Prize – 5,000 YEN Amazon Gift Card

Li Kaiming from China with 1101 Likes

See his photos here:

    3. Third Prize – 3,000 YEN Amazon Gift Card

Elvio Bissolati from Italy with 1099 Likes

See his photo here:

Other JP Smart Club members also had the moments of their own. Let’s check out the photos below to have a glimpse of what they experienced during the summer!

Left: Distant View of Mount Fuji

Right: A Photo of a Couple at Universal Studios of Japan

Kinkaku-ji - Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Kamogawa River, Kyoto

Left: Sunflower Field 

Right: Lady with the Dog

Summer Festival

Pool Time With Friends

Jovial in a Theme Park

Tipping By the Blue Sea

Dreamy By The Sunflower Field

Innocent School Girl in Sailor Uniform Cosplay

Breathe the Summer Sea

Trail of Tranquility

Here Comes The Adventure


Thank you very much for checking out the photos submitted by JP Smart Club members for the Summer Memories Photo Contest.

Wish that you all had a great summer of your own!

 JSmart Club – Live Japan Smartly

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