Thank you guys so much for all the wonderful designs. It's been a really tough time for us to select the best design which should be visually fascinating and at the same time printable!

After so much consideration being given, we have decided to award the first prize to Jose Cardenas Jr from Philippines!

Jose’s design really presents the fun and embracing culture of our company – JP Mobile.



Jose Cardenas Jr. - the winner of the T-Shirt Design Contest, was offered a position as a digital designer at our company. Our CEO – Sawada Kenji, was so impressed by his visual sense that he decided to invite Jose to join our team.

At that time, Jose was also on his search for a new job and happily accepted our offer.

It’s been three months since Jose joined our team in Tokyo and his design skills have given a total new look to our homepage. The homepage of JP Smart SIM is now so much visually sleeker and easier to navigate. The next task for Jose is to improve the UI and UX for the customer portal – My Page, and to handle the design for JP Smart SIM application, which is scheduled to be released in the first quarter next year.

Thank you so much Jose for having joined our team and worked so hard on improving the outlook of our website and application.

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