July 2018 Phase 2
Thank you for your participation in our JLPT Encouragement Programme
Congratulations for passing the test!

We have awarded 3000 JP Smart Points for all participants in the events 「N1.N2 Test-takers Point Reward Programme July 1 2018」who had passed N1 and N2 JLPT test.

Among 23 participants in the first phase, the 4 test takers who had passed the N1.N2 level are:

L※ K※

G※ J※


Z※ S

Congratulations for passing the test!

And thank you very much for your participation in this event!

We have send 3000 reward points as well as notification email for all 4 JP Smart Club members who had upload a correct ID and Test Admission Ticket

For those who did not receive a reward for this event, please try your luck next time!

We wish you all the best of luck!

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