2018 December - Big Gifts for test takers passing the JLPT!(1.12.2018-Phase2)

JLPT Test Takers・Encouragement Program!
We at JP Mobile are having a program to support JLPT Test Takers this time!

Second Program for JLPT Test Takers of JP SMART CLUB  on December 2018 !

3000 JP Smart Points for JLPT Encouragement Program Phase 1 qualified participants!

※Check Phase 1 details here!

We will award an additional 3000 JP Smart Points to test takers who pass the Dcember JLPT.

Easy to join! Just join the event and just upload a certificate to the profile page!

STEP 1 Log in to JP Smart Club

STEP 2 Click on <Apply> to Apply for the Event

STEP 3 Upload a photo of your JLPT certificate to your profile page then save it.
Make sure that the photos are sharp with all the characters clearly shown.
1. Photo of your ]Residence Card or Passport
Photo of your JLPT certificate

※All applications containing falsified documents will be rejected.

STEP4 Once we can confirm your identity, we will award 3000 JP Smart Points to your account.

De-registered JP Smart Club members are not eligible to receive the prize.
Participation conditions
※ For foreigners who are living in Japan.

※ JP Smart Club members (Register here >>https://user.jpmob.jp/en/affiliate/contract)

※JLPT Encouragement Program Phase 1 participants who have passed the JLPT N1,N2,N3 test on December, 1, 2018.
※Please upload your certificate and passport/residence card after you have applied for our event.
(These documents are needed to prevent scam)