Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival - Event Ticket Presents!

The place will be filled with festive atmosphere, stunning fireworks and brilliant music!
Enjoy this wonderful event with other JP Smart Club members!

We have prepared viewing tickets for the huge "Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival",
to be held on 11th August this year!

This year you can enjoy the intense performance by "Dengeki Network", that will surely shock the entire world with its powerful displays.

3 lucky winners will be selected through random raffle.

Tickets are for unreserved seat​ at Meiji Jingū Gaien Softball Stadium.
You will be able to view the fireworks performance from paid seats together with our staff from JP Mobile!

Application Period:
10 July 2018 ~ 31 July 2018
Winner results announcement:
1st August 2018
Fireworks Event Schedule:
11th August 2018 (Saturday) from 15:00 till 16:30
On this day winners are to meet up with our staff, then head towards the fireworks viewing grounds together with our staff.
※ Winners will be contacted via emails with further details after result announcement.
※The event will be carried out regardless of rainy weather.
In case of severe stormy weather, the event (festival) will be postponed to the next day (12th of August - Sunday)

Points to Note
Application Requirements
・Must be a JP Smart Club Member
・Must be able to return home at late hours after coming to the event area at Tokyo: Gaienmae Station.
(On the event date, due to overcrowded trains, there is a possibility
that you will not be able to get back home if you live too far away.
Since it will be your own responsibility, please take this into
consideration before applying )
・Transportation fees and fees for food and drink​ will not be provided
・Must be at least 18 years old
・Must agree that recorded materials during the event will be published as JP Mobile's contents for the purpose of promotions on social media such as Facebook and SNS.

Other points to note
・The event can be cancelled midway on short notice, due to unfavorable weather. We hope for your understanding.
(Even if the festival is still being carried out, if the weather is bad
enough basing on our JP Mobile staff's judgement at the time, it is
possible that the event will still be cancelled. )
・You must tell us a viable communication method to contact you during the event day.
・If we receive no contact from you, and you don't show up on time at the meeting point, you will not be able to attend the event. We hope for your understanding.
・On the event date, in case you get separated from the group due to overcrowding and are unable to contact our staff, please proceed to enjoy the event and go home by yourself.
・Please take necessary precautions against high temperature, heath stroke and food poisoning, since it will be your own responsibility.
・Please be aware that on the event day, due to overcrowding, there will be long waiting lines for event grounds entrance and exit, as well as toilet.
・Please follow the rules at the event grounds while enjoying the event.
・On the event date, JP Mobile staff will try our best to take good care of you, but there will certainly be cases where the situation is beyond our control. We hope for your understanding.